1. I have now read two of your entries since you commented on my blog. Your insight is helping me in my grief with the loss of Adam from alcoholism. In his rehab journal, I found a letter he wrote to alcohol … calling it the most diabolical friend he ever head. And these 10 words, I could probably hear him say it. Keep writing. Your words help break down the stigma of this disease. Adam needed to see things like this to know he wasn’t alone. YOU are not alone either. I have navigated alcoholism now from realizations to cirrhosis management to rehab to cirrhosis complications to death. I am with you. 100%.

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    1. Thank you so, so much. I’m sorry to hear you’ve gone – and are going through – this. It’s amazing how the disease is contagious, and spreads to affect everyone connected to someone who is battling it. I’m finding a lot of strength in this community, thanks to people like you. So, thank you xo


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